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Our telephone and fax numbers have changed since 01.01.2011! 

Phone (+49) 23 81 - 48 88 18
Facsimile (+49) 23 81 - 97 24 59 6

„Germany’s next Topmodels“ in the sound studio for IAS

Hamm, 10.11.2010

The synchronization of the lifestyle simulation „Germany’s next Topmodel“ 2011 has been successfully concluded.
On behalf of Independent Arts Software the audio experts from Periscope Studios have worked for a week on the production of the sound recordings for the game. Therefore they worked together with 5 participants of the past seasons: Lena Gercke (winner, season 1, 2006), Sara Nuru (winner season 4, 2009), Mandy Bork (second place, season 4, 2009), Marie Nasemann (third place, season 4, 2009) and Larissa Marolt (eighth place, season 4, 2009, and winner of „Austria’s next Topmodel“ season 1).

The successful catwalk beauties, booked at Redseven Artists, spent 2 hours each in the studio, located in an old submarine engine factory in Hamburg, to lend their voice to their virtual alter egos.
„Taking into account that they have never before done something comparable, they were awesome. The models had a lot of fun doing the recordings“ commented Kristina Schmidt from Independent Arts Software. Adding: „We had a lot of fun working together with the models.“

„Germany’s next Topmodel - seaon 5“, developed by Independent Arts Software on behalf of SevenOne Intermedia, will be released in spring 2011 on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and PC!

Independent Arts Software GmbH can claim another great success as a developer of handheld games

Hamm, 13.10.2010

The contract work for Kiddinx Entertainment, „Bibi & Tina: Das große Unwetter“ ("The great storm") on Nintendo DS entered the German Media Control Charts as best newcomer on the 15th position.

The lovely designed adventure game is the only German production among the top 15 titles in the Nintendo DS sales chart.



„Bibi & Tina: Das große Unwetter“ is a thrilling adventure for young and older fans of the popular witch. A tornado has devastated the farm and now Bibi, Tina and their friends have to put everything into shape again. „Bibi & Tina: Das große Unwetter“ is available in stores.

Special thanks to Sascha Böhme!

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Since it's foundation 20 years ago, Independent Arts Software GmbH (IAS) is successfully developing games. The company is one of the oldest in Germany

Hamm, 30.07.2010

In order to duly celebrate this jubilee, the CEO, Holger Kuchling has organized a rafting tour from Neuss to Düsseldorf and a less nerve-wracking but as cheerful grill party which lasted well after midnight in the Maxipark Hamm.


Cofounder Holger Kuchling is very proud about the jubilee: "It is really great to look back on such a long history. We have helped building up numerous brands, our success can be measured by the chart rankings and awards our products received over the years. Besides business the most important part is an intact employee structure and the fun that project driven work delivers.
I am particularly proud about the very low employee turnover and the pleasant working environment. I couldn't think of a better compliment. That is why nothing will hinder our progress in the next 20 years."

The IAS success story begun in 1990 as a project of 5 friends with the release of the "Das Magazin" simulation. By now the company employs more than 40 employees inhouse and 30 freelancer, it is established as the leading German studio for console development with emphasis on handheld productions.

The Biggest Loser - Abspecken im Doppelpack

Hamm, 08.03.2010

With The Biggest Loser - Abspecken im Doppelpack, developer Independent-Arts-Software has been listed among the 18 best free downloadable Apps on the German App Store.  Like the predecessor Food Coach, the iPhone application The Biggest Loser reached the first place in the categories Health and Fitness of the official Apple charts.

The software is based on the TV show of the same name on Kabel 1, the German broadcast station.

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Musiic Party Wii Poster campaign

Hamm, 09.01.2010

A special highlight for the beginning of 2010!
The Musiic Party poster campaign starts. From the 12th of January on, City Light posters and giant placards with " Party" will be put throughout Germany's biggest cities.





IAS now official Playstation 3 developer

Hamm, 06.01.2010

It's a great beginning in 2010! On January the 6th IAS has been registered as official SONY PLAYSTATION 3 developer.
After being signed for the PSP, the IAS portfolio grows with the prestigious next gen console.

The IAS team is excited about the new platform and the experiences and challenges that it bears.




Bibi, a witch in the charts

Berlin, 01.12.2009

Bibi Blocksberg - Das gestohlene Hexbuch on Nintendo DS™, developed by Independent Arts Software and published by Kiddinx Entertainment, has reached rank 12 of the Media Control Charts a couple of weeks after the release. 
Yet another success for Kiddinx/IAS and the little witch.



Princess Lillifee nominated again for the DeutschenEntwicklerpreis (German Developers) award

Frankfurt am Main, 01.12.2009

For the 3rd time consecutively, the sequel of the largely acclaimed serial with the congenial princess is nominated for the German developer awards.

In the category best children's game, the title that has been developed by IAS and published by Tivola Publishing GmbH, shined the brightest.

In the continuation of their fruitful co-operation, IAS and Tivola have achieved another highlight in porting the popular serial to the console!

Food Coach - Healthy living made easy successful on iPhone

Munich, 15.05.2009

The German version of the Food Coach, Food Coach - Healthy living made easy is momentarily on top of the App Store charts in the category Health and fitness.


The software related to the ProSieben servicetainment format Food Coach - Healthy living made easy accompanies the conscious iPhone user with personalized food propositions and effective tips to a healthy every day diet.

Food Coach - Healthy living made easy out for iPhone

Munich, 04.05.2009

Today SevenOne Intermedia, the multimedia company of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, releases "Food Coach - Healthy living made easy" on iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod touch. The clever food coach
is available from now on for 5,99 € in the Apple App Store.

The software corresponding to the ProSieben servicetainment format "Food Coach - Healthy living made easy" accompanies the conscious iPhone user with personalized food propositions and effective tips to a healthy every day diet.

35 lections with facts worth knowing about diet and health care are conveyed in a playful manner to the user. The contents of the Apple version is identical with the one on Nintendo DS, except for the exlusive shopping list extra. The list is directly linked to all the recipes and the 5.000 products from the food database, this makes shopping for the required ingredients realy easy.

Food Coach - Healthy living made easy for Nintendo DS

Munich, 19.02.2009

Food Coach - Healthy living made easy transforms your Nintendo DS into your personal health and diet consultant.

At the end of March, SevenOne Intermedia and IAS declare the buffet open. The health and diet consultant is released on 26th of March exclusively on Nintendos handheld, the Nintendo DS.

Food Coach - Healthy living made easy (also on TV) celebrates it's release on Nintendo DS. The ingredients: tips for light, healthy food, that not only tastes good but keeps you fit at the same time.
The menu comes with a lot of fun and is refined with tons of information around the diet theme.

BIU Sales Award for dtp and IAS

Hamburg, 23.10.2008

dtp and Independent Arts are the first awardees of the BIU Sales Award.
The Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware (BIU) created the award in last August. The BIU sales award rewards the Computer and Videogames software sales. The publisher, based in Hamburg, received the first BIU Sales Award in gold for Think - Logik - Trainer.
Within one year dtp succeeded in selling more than 100.000 units for the Nintendo DS.


Tivola und Independent Arts win the Giga-Maus award

Frankfurt am Main, 16.10.2008

The Nintendo DS™ game Prinzessin Lillifee - Meine wunderbare Welt, developed by Independent Arts has won the renown "Eltern family" award as best console game and as best game in the age category 4 - 6 years. The renown price has been awarded by the magazine Eltern family.
The jury is composed of scientists, educationists, journalists and pupils.

The jury's statement: the young fans of the pink princess get a whole lot to enjoy and play with. In the wood hospital the players mix herb mixtures, in the music tent they play their own compositions on the keyboard. These can even be saved and reheard. The little mole needs help, it got lost in it's cave. The game is controlled via the stylus and the microphone. The young players don't need to know the alphabet, because all instructions are read.

cdv and Marc Ecko Entertainment cooperate in North America

cdv optimzes marketing potential with individual content and partner strategies

Frankfurt am Main, 21.07.2008

cdv Software Entertainment USA, 100% subsidiary of the cdv Software Entertainment AG, and Marc Ecko Entertainment publish “I Heart Geeks!” on the North American market. “I Heart Geeks!” for Nintendo DS™ is a version of the popular German experiment-game “CLEVER – Das Spiel, das Wissen schafft” modified by Marc Ecko Entertainment for the North American market. The game was developed by the established German developer Independent Arts Software based in Hamm, who focuses on the platforms Nintendo Wii™ and Nintendo DS. The game got a new story and a trendy make-over optimized secifically for the North American market. The game is already being sold in England and France under the title "Mr. Physics".

"We are extremely poud of the cooperation with Marc Ecko Entertainment in North America. "I Heart Geeks!" is an important step for the cdv. As Full-Service-Provider in the games-industry, we know the peculiarities of each individual market. We optimize the marketing potential of our products through individual, country-specific content and partner strategies. This allows us to create a targeted added value for all companies involved and to maximize the potential for success of our titles,", says Christian Gloe, CEO of the cdv Software Entertainment AG.

About cdv Software Entertainment AG:
The cdv Software Entertainment AG is the only listed, independent Full-Service-Provider in the games industry in Germany. cdv has branch offices in Germany, the United States, France, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and is thereby and thanks to established international partners extremely well represented on the international market. The company, which was founded in 1989 and has its headquarters in Munich, has been steadily growing since its consolidation in 2007 and aims at a strong market position as one of the world's leading Full-Service-Providers in the gaming industry in the medium-term future. For more information and new press releases, please visit


Another Music Game for Wii Announced

News from | 16.07.2008

Today, the German game publisher dtp entertainment announced the publication of the music party game 'Musiic Party: Rock the House', exclusively for Nintendo Wii; in a press release. The title will be release in January 2009 with a retail price of  39,99€ [and is developed by Independent Arts Software, editor's note].

'Musiic Party: Rock the House' is a party game for everybody. A unique comic-strip look coupled with a lot of humor, the game is said to guarantee fun for many hours. Contrary to other music games you do not need to purchase additional periphery devices, because the game is controlled with the Wii remote control and the Nunchuk. Therefore, you can start to rock straight away.

With a total of 30 songs, the focus is on legendary and current rock songs, the game has a great variety – something for everyone. No matter if its bass, guitar or drums – the controls are easy to learn and master. Here, 'Musiic Party: Rock the House' resorts to the innovative controls possibilities the Wii has to offer. Almost all actions can be executed by moving the Wii remote control or the Nunchuks, respectively. Up to three players can rock at a time for the true stage experience. Furthermore, many mini-games invite for short in-between jam sessions.

The Guild becomes mobile

RTL Playtainment brings the popular economy simulation to Nintendo DS™ for the first time

Cologne, 28.05.2008

With "The Guild DS" the Cologne publisher brings the popular game about the core elements economy, politics and crime to life on the successful Nintendo console. The hand-held version of the popular, turn-based economy simulation will be an independent and newly developed game and not a porting of one of the successful PC games.

The adaptation of the gameplay to the requirements and possibilities of the new platform creates an easy to learn and intuitively to control title with clear structures and clear outlines of the game content, which allows the full entertainment value of the Guild universe to go.

The player assumes the role of a merchant who starts his career without a penny to his name and builds up his company step-by-step. After a while he discovers the system of "Guilds" and advertises the unification of all merchants under one roof for the common good. In the course of the game, opposing players have to be persuaded to join, to be ruined or otherwise disposed of.

"The Guild DS" is being developed by Independent Arts, the leading German studio for hand-held productions. Release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2009.

Holger Strecker, CEO of RTL Games: "We will present a bestseller for Nintendo DS in the first quarter of next year with 'The Guild DS'. The innovative trade concept perfectly pays into the new platform with its exciting game play and distinctive looks. We hope to attract the fans of the brand as well as new target groups with  'The Guild DS'."

Holger Kuchling, CEO of Independent Arts: "e are happy to develop an independent concept of the popular economy simulation with 'The Guild DS'. One of our main objectives is long-term fun coupled with an easy-to-learn system, therefore entertaining mini-games and a well thought-out tutorial, among others, are integral features of the game."

IAS enters to titles into the LARA-award

News from | Hamm, 29.04.2008

Two games from the German developer Independent Arts Software (IAS) are nominated for a LARA – the German Games Award - this year. The company, based in the Westphalian Hamm, sees this as proof to be on the right track, especially since the company was already awarded the Deutsche Entwicklerpreis in 2007. CEO Holger Kuchling will watch the award ceremony with his heart in his mouth, when the winner in the category LARA TV Award is about to be announced. With "Clever! Das Spiel, das Wissen schafft" (SevenOne Intermedia) and the NDS version of "Germany's Next Topmodel" (dtp young entertainment), Kuchling has two potential award winners.

"Of course we are extremely happy about the nomination of two titles developed by us. They underline the current extraordinary position and specialization of IAS in Germany when it comes to reliable and first-class developments for the platforms Nintendo DS and Wii. A special thanks goes to our customers SevenOne Intermedia and dtp young entertainment, whose trust in our studio and fantastic commitment helped them to place attractive licenses on this hart fought-over market", Kuchling told GamesMarkt.

The Bee Game

Honey-sweet Jump & Run from a German Apiary!

News of N-ZONE (2006)

What says "Maja" contains honey-sweet game play! This formula was already successful in the previous adventure of the little bee and thus Sweet Gold got an amazing 86% in N-ZONE.

While that Game-Boy-Jump&Run was developed by Shin'en in Munich, the game developers from Independent Arts Software based in Hamm currently work on the sequel for both Nintendo handhelds.
We have visited the busy bees in their hive and looked over their shoulder – an impression of the day-to-day business of a game developer as well as a sample from the soundtrack will be available on the next N-ZONE-DVD!

The story is, as expected, appropriate for children: a storm blows across the corn poppy meadow and blows Maja's and Willi's friends far away across the country. You can assume the role of one of the bees and run and fly through 36 levels, play three mini-games in the DS version and draw in a paint book.

Those who feel too old for happy-world—Jump&Run-fun can buy this title as a present for younger siblings without hesitation, because the whole game gets by without any kind of violence. (ck)