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Nintendo Game Boy Advance

The Bee Game

Nintendo GBA
Midway Games GmbH
Release: 2006

Save Maja's and Willi's friends!

One night, when the moon is high in the sky, Maja sleeps deeply in her hive and dreams of tomorrow's adventures. A fierce storm blows over the corn poppy meadow which hazards all of the meadow's inhabitants and scatters some of Maja's and Willi's best friends to the four winds!

At first, Maja does notice nothing of this in her deep slumber, but when the storm moves on, the two inseparable bees decide to bring back their friends, and in doing so face many a challenge and some exciting adventures!

Play as Maja or Willi in this come-back on the GBA and, for the first time, the DS.


  • Select Maja or Willi as player character
  • Numerous minigames like pollen throwing or pollen catching on Nintendo DS with touch screen and microphone support, as well as the new Maja painting book suitable for children
  • Diversified game-play with riddles suitable for children
  • Has 36 diversified levels in 5 different graphics sets from the world of Maja the Bee with new challenges and many tutorial and secret bonus levels